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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Thoughts on China from London....

From the Notebook Computer of Terry Brock
Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Thoughts On China And You…

Dateline: London, England

I am typing this from my notebook computer in London. Just got here last night from a visit to Shanghai, China. I was only able to be there for a few days but gained a lot from what I saw.

Appearance To The World

China has devoted enormous resources to put forth a clean, efficient image to the world, particularly as you make the roughly 1 hour drive from Pu Dong airport to the center of Shanghai. I was impressed with the cleanliness and beautifully planted flowers. It reminded me of Holland with respect to the cleanliness and alignment with nature.

Then I saw the massive amount of apartments. You can tell many of these were constructed recently. Laundry hangs from the rafters---much like in Hong Kong. However, the people there have a much better life now than just a few years ago. When Deng Xia Peng made the statement several years ago that “It is glorious to be rich” he changed a lot in this communist country. The average person is, to put it mildly, a hustler. They are working hard to get ahead. This is all part of the appearance that is so noticeable to the world.

The pollution of Shanghai is something that is real. It is the worst I’ve seen in any country I’ve been to, and I’ve seen a lot. Even on a sunny day, this is something that permeates the atmosphere. This is one of the things that Huo Jintao told George W. Bush that is bothering him greatly. This was last year in their high-level meeting that he shared this. China will need to clean up that image --- literally --- to survive. This is a side-effect of a strong, growing economy. My feeling is that if they continue to unleash the human spirit of getting ahead they will succeed in managing the environment as well as grow. Think private property and non-fossil fuels for starters. Think breathing and living long---and the benefits of that for the biggest impact.

Hustling In Sales

The Chinese have always been incredibly good merchants. They have a persistence that can be somewhat overwhelming at first encounter. I experienced that in stores and with street merchants. They aggressively pursue the sale. Then, even if you buy, they go even stronger in the up-sell.

This attitude can be a help to many in sales. Rather than give up when the customer says a first “no” by continuing to make the offer better, more sales could be made. I found the Chinese on the street would continue to ask me to buy and offer more and more in the process. What I didn’t want for 100 RMB (renminbi – the Chinese monetary system), they would quickly try to sweeten the offer with additional merchandise for the same price. If I balked in the store over a shirt, they would get the calculator and shave another 10% off the price --- “Just for you, today only.”

Communism Still In Force

Let’s face it---communism is a terrible scourge on the world. We must not forget the 50 million that were brutally killed by Mao Tse Tung. The horrors of the cultural revolution can never be forgotten.

The same Marxian principles of government knows best are in force. They believe that those in government know better how to lead the lives of the people than the people themselves.

I witnessed a group of police officers in a restaurant demanding payment from the owner for protection. Friends I was with translated for me what was happening (once we were safely out of earshot). A lady who was one of the owners was vociferously complaining to the offices that she had paid their money for the month and should be protected. Apparently the police offers were applying some sales tactics practiced by the sales people on the street.

China is slowly chaning. They are smart enough to know they have to change to survive. I am confident that the brutal communism of the past can be and is being replaced by a free market. No it won’t happen immediately. Things can move slowly in China.

Yet, the opportunities are there for those that embrace it. For you and your business, this is an area you need to recognize. As a supplier it is incredible. As a producer of goods China represents good quality, very low prices and an aggressive workforce (a formidable combination in the marketplace).

You can see some of this for yourself on my Blog with video. Here is the link you’ll want to use to see the videos I produced (6:30 length) of Shanghai today including the information about Noritz and what they are doing for manufacturing excellence.

In this video you’ll also see an interview with the VP of Finance for a large Japanese company doing business in China. Principles of high quality, devoted customer service and innovation are proving successful there.

Well, I’m off to activities here in London. It feels good to be in a country where you can trust the police (I think you can anyway!) and, for me, I understand the language --- at least most of it!

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

See Bangkok Thailand As I Wander

Take a tour of this wonderful city, Bangkok, Thailand with me as I wander. I love this place! Thailand actually means "Free Land" and this is a country that has never been successfully invaded by an outside power. The people are gentle, kind and so gracious. The land has a lot of business opportunities that you'll want to check out.

To see it from my camcorder's point of view go to:

You can buy things here at ultra-cheap prices. It is a good place to be if you want some bargains. Remember that URL you'll need is:

I look forward to your comments and hearing from you.


McDonalds Australia Competes with Starbucks

Wait till you see this! McDonalds in Australia is rolling out competition for Starbucks. Their new McCafe is positioned to provide the "Third Place" experience of a Starbucks.

Watch this video as Dr. Craig Duvall, a well-known Australian dentist, shows us around the premises of this new cafe. The URL you'll need is:

Be sure to watch this and then think about how you can take what you're doing to the next level. Remember that URL you'll need is:

Stretch your marketing mind and look for new opportunities!


Professional Speakers in Melbourne Australia

Here's a couple of quick interviews with some gems from Professional Speakers based in Australia.

David Brewster is the President of the Victoria Chapter in Melbourne. Donna Hanson is a well-known technology guru. Both have some good advice for us in selling and doing business.

Check out these interviews (and hear their lovely Australian accent!) at:

You're bound to get some good information there. Remember that URL that you'll want is:



Gas (Petrol) in Australia & How to Produce Video

Winston Marsh - the Marketing Guru from Melbourne, Victoria in Australia

This is one you have to see. After I left Sydney, Australia (OK, New South Wales), I went to Melbourne to see Winston Marsh. Winston is a guru in Marketing. I'm on his monthly audio magazine, Business Marketing. Well, this time we went into the studio and recorded some good information about using a video camera.

Watch this video at:

and you'll not only see the actual recording---in the studio--- but you'll also see how much gas (OK, Petrol) costs in Australia.

Don't forget, that URL you'll want to check out is:

Watch and learn as you see this video.