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Friday, January 13, 2006

The Power of "Not Yet"

There is real power in having a "spongy mind." You know what I mean. It means having a mind that is always learning, growing and seeking to add new information to your personal database.

This was illustrated so beautifully in the movie, "The Matrix" (the first movie) in the scene where Trinity and Neo were talking about flying the helicopter. Neo looked at Trinity and asked if she knew how to fly the helicopter. Her answer was brilliant. "Not yet!" she confidently answered. Then she called up the operator who could download a program into her brain so she could then fly it---and she did!

You and I can do similar things in the real world (our real world---if you are a believer in making powerful life-changing results work). Find the skills you need. Get the audio, video and personal training necessary to do what you need. Get the books. Voraciously and aggressively embark on your own personal learning and knowledge acquisition quest.

Your biggest impediment is your own willingness to embrace change and adopt an attitude that you can do it. So, if someone asks you if you can do a certain task like perform a computer operation or speak a language or do anything that you could do but just haven't got the skills for---remember that magic phrase, "Not yet!" Then aggressively embark on getting the tools necessary to make it happen! Be willing to pay the price to get the knowledge. Time, money and effort are required to accomplish anything worthwhile. Pay that price and make it happen for those things that matter most to you.

By the way, it is 4:49 am as I type this on Friday the 13th (January in 2006). Today is going to be a great day. Every Friday the 13th in my life has been incredibly good. Today will be no exception. I can't wait to see what good things are going to happen to me today. Make it a great Friday the 13th for you also! Then drop me a line and let me know how it worked for

I look forward to hearing from you.


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

What Video on the Net Means To You

Video is emerging and THE strongest trend for the Internet thus far this year. It is powerful as a communication device. 2 things are obvious: 1) The demise of the traditional media and 2) The huge rise in opportunities for thinkers, writers, professional speakers, coaches and other entreprenuers.

When Apple unveiled the iPod that has video on it, the inflection point hit. People embraced downloading episodes of television shows for US$1.99. Now Google has introduced not only a bunch of content from CBS but also allows individuals and companies to make their own video content available. This is something you can use to tell the world what you're doing. Imagine getting $1, $2 or more for each time someone downloads video that you've created.

Check out and see what all the comotion is about.

Video also opens a wide variety of training options. You can learn something quickly with a video tutorial that might have taken forever with a manual. Ever try those manuals from the kids toys at Christmas? Why not have that in a video that makes it all make sense? This tool can revolutionize so much of what we do.

Here's the action step for you: Think of how you can use video to learn skills that you need to do. Then look for markets that would be willing to purchase that. Learn about what is necessary to produce video or to have others do it for you. This is a trend that is so big it requires you to sit and think about it for a while.

Think about it. Get ready for some good stuff coming down the pike!


Monday, January 09, 2006

Hum the Song You Want --- Find it On the Net

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

From the Notebook Computer of Terry Brock

Dateline: Las Vegas, Nevada. Whew! We made it! The 2006 Consumer Electronics Show is now history. A lot of new concepts and new devices were released.

And you are there! No, you didn’t drink too much and find yourself in Vegas. I was there for you---with video camera in hand. So, you are in for a treat. I wanted to share a few of the highlights with you through video.

If you’re a member of my Online Coaching Program watch your e-mail for all the videos coming your way. You’ll get a stream of information and good things that you can use. In fact, I’m working now to get you information on some free software for new presentations (way above just PowerPoint). You’ll also see information on some of the new technologies that are about to appear. Don’t get anything yet---wait till you see the information coming through on the Online Coaching Program. Don’t waste your money on technology that is about to be obsolete. Instead watch for your mailings from the Online Coaching Program to see some of the latest and best technologies to keep you ahead of the competition. Watch out for some new notebook computers and handheld video and audio devices that will help you access data from just about anywhere and help boost your productivity.

Here’s just one quick demo that you’ll want to see. Look where we are going with not only voice recognition --- but humming recognition! This company in Korea has technology that will help you find a song if you hum a few bars into a microphone. Watch the video and you’ll see how you can find a particular song---even if you don’t know the words, title or artist, just the tune. Here’s the link you’ll need:

More to come. Stay tuned for more. I look forward to hearing from you.


Friday, January 06, 2006

Videos from the Consumer Electronics Show

I'm here at CES and have some interesting things to share with you. I've created some videos of what is available. My Online Coaching Program members are getting access to all these but I wanted to share a few with you that will help you in your business.

Here's the article I just put together for Biz Journals. You can read this and learn about some tools that are cutting-edge to help you in your business and personal life. You'll also be able to watch some videos by going to the URLs that I reference.

There's a lot in this one. Let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you. By the way, if you'd like more information on my Online Coaching Program just go to:

Now, here's the article and the video links:

Consumer Electronics Show Unveils Productivity Tools For Your Business

By Terry L. Brock

Dateline: Las Vegas, Nevada I’m typing this from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is the annual gadget-fest that unveils to the world a cornucopia of toys and tools. I’m here to see how you can take some of this technology and leverage it to better run your business.

Here are a few examples of possibilities for your consideration as you gave at the choices today.

8 Ounce Windows Computer
OQO has released a fully Windows-compatible computer that can fit in your coat pocket or purse. This little computer can fit in the palm of your hand yet still has a keyboard (though very small), fold-out display, USB 2.0 port and a slot for a PC card. That way you could run Skype for making phone calls for free over the Internet. The retail price starts at $1899.

Panasonic R4 This is a small computer that weighs 2.2 pounds and is great for word processing and accessing e-mail on the road. Because it has built-in Wi-Fi, you can use it to access the Net for all those Net-based activities. The battery life is 9 hours and that can be very useful if you need to be out on the road for extended periods of time. Prices start at less than $2,000. Go to for more information.

Both of these are demonstrated in a visual way for you on a video I put together illustrating them. You can access that video by going to . Check out these two computers as well as some new cell phone technology and USB drives that look like sushi! Watch the video and you’ll see them in action.

Verizon Wireless Offers Downloadable Tunes and More. Verizon Wireless has teamed up with Microsoft to unveil a new cell phone which can download music. These tunes can be stored on both your Windows PC and your cell phone for $1.99 each. What this means to you is that music is more readily available but more importantly it signifies a continuing shift to online access for many options in business. The new service from Verizon Wireless (to be available later this month) will provide video on your cell phone as well as downloadable music for listening. I listened to some of the music and the quality was on par with good MP3 players. It is all about convergence and getting the information you want, when you want it, where you want it.

PepperPad offers 2.3 pound computing. Continuing the trend towards smaller and easier to use, has released a lightweight computer that can access the Net, use full Windows capability and provide tools needed for the mobile road warrior. It has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so you can access the Net remotely. You can use an additional keyboard that is Bluetooth-enabled to type into the computer. It also has a USB port so a keyboard can be added from there. I also put together a video for this that you can view at The PepperPad retails for $849.00 and is available through

Portable Speakers and Keyboard ThinkOutside is a company that is known for producing peripherals that can enhance the portable experience for road warriors. If you’re on the road a lot for business, you should look into the new Boomtube H2O1 from ThinkOutside. This device provides 5 hours of audio with speakers that can be clearly heard. Too many of the speakers for iPods and other portable MP3 players today sound tinny and are quite low in quality. These produce sounds that are heard easily and for portable speakers I found the sound quality very nice. The Bluetooth keyboards they provide allow you to use your Blackberry, Palm and other devices to access a keyboard without a physical attachment. They are connected by the Bluetooth “radio-signal-like” device. The Boomtube H2O1 is available for $199.99 and keyboards are available for $149.99. For more information go to

Chilibox for Small Business Data Sharing has a new box that is made for small businesses. With this server, you can connect your computers for access to the Net, share and protect files, store data and backup your files, and access files from remote locations. It works with Windows, Macs, Linux systems so chances are you’ll be able to connect with most operating systems. The real benefit of a system like the chili box is the ability to share files, have the firewall protection and share Internet access across a few computers in a small business office. This way you save on adding new peripherals for each system. The retail price is $499.00 and it can be found on the street for less than that. For more information go to

Ovation Moves PowerPoint to a New Level
If you do a lot of presentations with PowerPoint you know how boring they can become. “Death by PowerPoint” has become a mantra in today’s corporate world and you need something to help you stand out. One tool that is now on the market from Serious Magic ( is called Ovation. This product works directly with PowerPoint (you have to have PowerPoint for Ovation to work) by taking your existing PowerPoint presentations and enimating them, and making them look like graphics you’d see on television. The system is incredibly easy as you just click on a PowerPoint presentation and drag it into Ovation. Once there you can click on several pre-designed templates for animated backgrounds, moving objects and more. The retail price is $99.00 and it can help your presentations stand out in a crowded world. You can avoid “Death by PowerPoint” and help to bring your presentations alive with a program like Ovation.

As a reporter who has covered numerous trade shows and electronics extravaganzas through the years, I see the trend is towards more access to the Net and away from big, bulky computer systems. Carrying the Net in your hand through handheld computers (like the R4 or OQO) and getting what you want through your cell phone (like the Verizion Wireless offers) portend the future. For your small business, think about how you can leverage the potential of the Net. Think small, accessible devices. As you embrace the newer technologies you’ll gain a competitive advantage --- and probably have a lot more fun too!

Terry Brock is a marketing coach who helps business owners market more effectively leveraging technology. He shows busy professionals how to squeeze more out of their busy days using the right rules and tools. He can be reached at 407-363-0505, by e-mail at or through his website at

Copyright © 2006, Terry Brock, All Rights Reserved Internationally. No portion may be reprinted or used in any way without prior written permission. Permission granted to Business Journals to use in regular publications.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Video for You from Consumer Electronics Show

From the traveling notebook computer of Terry Brock

January 4, 2006

Dateline: Las Vegas, Nevada I'm here for the Consumer Electronics Show and gathering a bunch of information. A lot is going on this year with portable audio systems, video connections, newer computers and more. I'm here to get the latest and most relevant for you to increase your bottom line.

Here's a quick video I shot last night about a new computer that is out on the market for checking notes on the Net, listening to audio and video and getting more done. You can see the full video at:

If you're on my Online Coaching Program, watch your e-mail for all the details on new items as they are added to the secret website. You'll get a lot of ideas on new technologies that you can use. The Online Coaching Program page for CES is going to keep growing with more videos and materials as the show begins and continues.

If you're not yet on the Online Coaching Program, now would be a great time to join. You can find out all the information and join online at

For now, check out the video on the PepperPad. You'll be pleased when you see what it can do.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Terry Brock

Monday, January 02, 2006

It's about R-Commerce (Relationships)

For a long time you've heard me talk about the importance of R-Commerce (Relationships) in business. That is what success in business is all about. It is not about the E-Commerce (the Electronics) but about establishing, building and maintaining key, profitable relationships in business that help you acheive the goals you want.

I just put together a special course that encapsulates the principles that successful people use to build their businesses. The course contains audio, video, Special Reports and more. You'll be delighted when you see what is there.

To find out more information go to and you'll see a video that explains what you'll get and how to build business relationships. The video is free. Try it today for more information.

I wish you much continued success.


Terry Brock

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

It is that time again to begin anew. Fresh. Different. Brand spankin' new! I love it. Of course we can begin new anytime we want to. However, this is just a special time to make it happen.

This year I hope you have your goals in place. In fact, it is a great idea to create not just yearly, but monthly goals as well. Hey, you could have a bad day. You might even have a rough week. But if you plan it correctly, you'll never have a bad month. Just make those plans monthly to get the things done that you need.

And stay tuned this week. I'm going to be at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Watch for kep videos of what is happening out there. You'll get a chance to see the new tools and toys that are coming out. You know I'll be looking for a sharp business angle for you, as a reader of my Blog and Ezine.

All the best to you. Happy New Year!