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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Why do computers and why does technology have to be so infruiating? You know what I mean, when it works it is great. When it doesn't work, it is terrible.

Just yesterday I spent 3 frustrating hours trying to get a new software program installed. I was on the phone for about 98% of that time trying to get it working. However, it just didn't seem to work. The technician I was speaking to at the company tried his best. He was attentive and really tried to help. However, it just didn't work.

Finally I asked for an upgrade to a better version of the product that would correct the problem and he did some checking. I was on hold for about 15 minutes. That was frustrating also but when he finally came back on, they had agreed to upgrade me. Bottom line, it is now working as it should and I'm happy.

However, why did it have to take SO much time? I guess it is the way the world and technology works. Hey, I'm from the "efficient and effective" school of thought. Always think of ways to make things easier, faster and better. Software should be a process that works consistently each time.

If you smiled at that thinking, "Yeah, right!" then you've worked with software before. It doesn't always do what we thought it should do.

I guess that's the way life itself works. It seldom, if ever, works the way it is "suppossed to" at least the first time. So, what can we do.

If you can't control the externals, at least control yourself. You can always control your reaction and attitude. I caught myself feeling that I "should" feel upset. Then I realized that it is up to me.

Now that I have the software installed I need to learn how this (rather complicated but powerful) software can work to generate more business and results. So, I now will turn to other resources. I need someone who can coach me through the parts of the program that I want to know. I need to get video training. I need some tutorials, etc. Once I know the particular aspect of the program that I need to know, I'll be off and running. Look out world---here I come.

Grab the bull by the horns and make it work for you. Expect troubles. This is normal. Welcolme to my planet. That's the way it works here.

However, you always control how you will react. Make the decision to react in a positive, "get it done" way no matter what.

Works for me!


Thursday, September 02, 2004

Well, here we go again with another hurricane coming through Florida. As I type this (early Thursday morning) we don't know exactly which way it is coming and where it will hit. Best projections now are for Hurricane Frances to hit near Brevard County (Cape Canaveral area, we call it the Space Coast here in Florida) with winds of 130 mph.

Either way, it is going to be a great learning experience. What? Yes, I mean that. It is going to be a time to learn and grow as we face this.

And you face many challenges in your life. You might not have to go through a hurricane but each day, life presents different options. You get to choose how you will confront each challenge. It can do you in or you can grow from it.

Well, I'm off to speak to our local Chamber of Commerce about "Charging Forward After the Challenges of Charley." Little did we know when they asked me to speak that we'd be facing a bigger, more ominous hurricane on the day I speak. Life is like that. It chuckles as it unrolls suprises for us. Yet, in the midst of those surprises and challenges, we grow.

It is going to be fun!