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Friday, January 25, 2008

Mind-Stretching and Productivity-Boosting Technology

By Terry L. Brock

Enhancing productivity is what much of the technology revolution is about. When you can find the right tools to boost your productivity in business you gain a competitive advantage. When you can find tools that also stretch your mind, you have a viable advantage that leapfrogs over the competition.

Here are some tools that can help in both areas. When you watch these videos, you’ll get to see them in action. This is where it really matters.

Lenovo Laptops – X61 And T61

Lenovo has some laptops which continue to dazzle and provide a solid competitive advantage. You’ll find the new X61 to be very lightweight (less than 4 lbs.) and powerful. It comes with 3 USB ports, one IEEE1394, (Firewire) connector, a DVD drive, VGA output (for those PowerPoint presentations) and more.

The keyboard feels very good. As I worked with one I found it comfortable and easy for typing. The hard drive can come in sizes up to 256GB at speeds of 5400 or 7200.

See the video of this at: .

(Lenovo,, $1,499 and up, depending on configuration)

Franklin Speaking Spelling Bee, SSB-210

Franklin Electronics has produced a number of small, portable devices for translating, dictionaries and other uses. Now they have a new device that is designed for children ages 9-13 to learn spelling better.

The system is designed around having fun and learning to spell. For helping your kids or children that you know and love, this is a great gift from you and great tool for them.

The company embraces the idea that learning should be fun. They blend this into the SSB-210 which teaches children spelling while having fun.

Not only children in that age bracket but anyone who wants to learn more about spelling and wants to stretch their mind can benefit from this tool. Check out the video and you’ll see how it works in practice.

You can see the video at:

(, Speaking Spelling Bee, SSB-210, $99.99)

Headphone For Business Communication – Able Planet

Able Planet is a company that started as a hearing-aid company and extended that knowledge and expertise into high-quality headphones for business and consumers. I have used their Clear Harmony headphones on airplanes, in noisy environments and just around my condo and love them!

Now the company has some smaller headphones that are designed for use in offices over phones or VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). This would be a great tool for communications over Skype, the popular service for free talking.

The headphones stand out from the competition in their use of the patented LINX AUDIO technology. This technology works with harmonics to cancel sounds which would otherwise be present. In a noisy convention environment I found that the headphones cut out the roar of the crowd while still allowing me to hear the person next to me talking. When combined with listening to music or instructional audio these headphones can’t be beat.

With the over-the-head microphone, you can use these in office communication knowing that you will hear the best possible audio and the other person will be able to hear you as clearly as possible. This makes for better communication and enhances Relationship Marketing. See the video at:

(Able Planet,, $99-$199)

Spracht Speaker Phone

Mobile or cell phones are becoming the most popular way to communicate. When you need to share a conversation with several others, you might try to use the speakerphone built into some units. However, the quality is not always as clear and understandable as it could be.

Spracht has a speaker phone that enables you to use conference calling for several people in the room over your mobile phone. You don’t have to plug in wires since it uses the popular Bluetooth interface. The unit I received, the Aura Mobile BT™ MCP-2014 pad, came with electrical charging as well as a car cigarette-lighter charger. The sounds are good and eliminate problems of driving and communicating over a cell phone (still, pay attention to the road!!).

Because it is lightweight and very powerful, this is a tool for the traveling executive or salesperson who needs to stay in touch and doesn’t want to compromise quality. You can see the video at: .

(Aura Mobile BT™ MCP-2014pad$129.95pad, )

Terry Brock is an international marketing coach and columnist who helps businesses market more effectively, leveraging technology. He shows busy professionals how to squeeze more out of their days using time-honored rules and practical technology tools. He can be reached at 407-363-0505, by e-mail at or through his website at

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