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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Next Trend in Social Media – get paid for your work


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steem1I wish I had a nickel for every book or article I’ve seen with titles along the lines of “How to make money in social media.” There’s no doubt about it that social media is important, and I would say critical, for business success today.

The idea is that you create content which people like, They follow you, and eventually end up doing business with you as we progress up the know, like, trust, and engage scale.

I’ve taught these principles for many years, and I write about them on my blog. I still believe those concepts work and will work for a long time. The idea of social media is that you help others to solve their problems and connect with them in a real, human way. The old idea of one way communication has been replaced with interaction, engagement, and connection with others. I like this as it is very much about relationship marketing, that I discuss extensively.

Now there’s ev
en better news. We are now beginning to see a new trend that is going to go even farther than the methodologies of simply writing your information and hoping that someone will do business with you. Just producing content and hoping for results is more like the old “Spray and pray” method of sending out your messages hoping and praying that maybe, somehow, someway, if the wind is blowing right, you’ll get business.

Last week I went to Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, to learn about a new platform that pays content creators to produce. Content creators on this new platform get paid based on how much others think their content is good quality. It is fully market-based. This means that you can get paid for good quality work– – – again, quality is determined by the readers – – – and you can earn real, spendable currency.

This new platform is called Steem and I wanted to find out about it by visiting a conference dedicated to this new platform called Steemfest.  It was pretty amazing to see a group of about 200 people get together for the first time concerning this new platform. The energy in the room was electric with excitement about the new platform and people who have actually earned money by writing content.

The way it works is that you submit content to your account on and it is available for the community to observe. Depending on who votes for you with what is called an “Upvote” or a ” Downvote” you can earn certain Steem dollars. Steam dollars can be converted into the currency of your choice like US dollars, Euros, Australian dollars, or other currencies.

steemI have to admit that I’m just getting started in learning about this myself, but I find it fascinating. Stay tuned as I learn more about the mechanics and technical details of this new platform.

My prediction is that we will see increased opportunities like Steem on the Internet. In the past, people would write for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others and the people who got paid were not the content producers. If this type of ecosystem takes off on the Internet, We will see more quality content coming out as people work harder to produce better quality content and get paid more. As there is a direct correlation between the quality of the content and the payment received, at least in theory, it will be a boost to content producers.

Come with me as I experience this and show you what can be done. Visit and check it out.

What do you think? Please leave your comments below and share this with others. This is huge! This could portend a change in the way content is produced and how payment is allocated. I love it!

All the best,


Terry Brock, MBA, CSP, CPAE
Member, Professional Speaker Hall of Fame
Certified Speaking Professional
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