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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The End of “Later”

Business-Building Action from Terry Brock

The word “later” can be a very dangerous word. Thinking that you can do something at a later date can be detrimental to you achieving your goals and achieve success. You might not tell yourself that you can’t do it because you would reject that. You have a strong belief in being positive.

W Clement Stone, whose motto was "Do It Now!"

W Clement Stone, whose motto was “Do It Now!”

However living in that “land of later” can prohibit you from achieving the goals that you so richly deserve. “Later” often seems like a good time to do something. You can really believe that you will do it— not right now, but a little later. However, “later” continually is slipping away from us and too many items in the “I’ll do it later” bucket, just don’t ever get completed —- or even started!

See the MetLife Blimp as it was live over Orlando (amazing)

See the MetLife Blimp as it was live over Orlando (amazing)

In this video you get a chance to see me on a beautiful day in Orlando, Florida, as I relax on one of my Cracker Barrel rocking chairs.:-) in addition to that you get a chance to see the MetLife blimp as it soars over Orlando (Really! Live footage). And to cap it all off you get a chance to see up close the Orlando Eye (yes from 1.5 miles away you can read the letters on the ferris wheel cars), the world’s largest ferris wheel (or at least I’ve heard it is the world’s largest)

More importantly, you learn about the dangers of putting off important goals in your life. Now is a perfect time to listen to this as we get closer to the end of another year. Enjoy this video and I wish you success in achieving your goals.

All the best,
Terry Brock, MBA, CSP, CPAE
Member, Professional Speaker Hall of Fame
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