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Friday, November 18, 2016

17 business apps to increase sales and productivity

17 business apps to increase sales and productivity

Today’s world is mobile-hot, and we now treat our smartphones and tablets like an extension of our bodies. Apps open the power of your mobile device like never before. Many business apps have the ability to increase your productivity, build relationships with customers more (great for relationship marketing), save you money, and make life a lot easier.

All of the apps I’m listing are available on iOS (my choice), and many are also available on Android. Check it out to see what applies in your unique situation.

Here are some that you’ll want to consider:

1. Waze

Crowd sharing road and travel information. This app is one you’ll want to have so you know about traffic delays where you are (not just where the local radio station is reporting), when police are in the area, best prices for gas around you and more. It is free, and can help you get where you’re going more efficiently.

2. Uber, Lyft, Arcade City

The world of surely rude taxi drivers is bested by technology!

I’ve used Uber and Lyft at various places around the world and have consistently had not just good, but great experiences. I’m looking forward to getting to know Arcade City as well. At home or on the road, these are apps you want on your smartphone!

3. Doorman

What do you do when you are at work all day and you don’t have anyone to hold that important package that was delivered?

Doorman holds your packages at their secure location for delivery to you between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. You can pay on a per-package basis or monthly. Nice for that extra touch of security on packages.

4. What’sApp

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