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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Comments on my article on Trust

Joan Stewart sent me an e-mail with the following comments:

"My comment was that in this era of distrust, there are lots of
things that Internet marketers or website owners can do to
invoke trust in visitors. They include:

--Joining the BBB and displaying that logo on your homepage.
--Including your phone number, shipping address and email
address on your homepage so people don't have to search for it.
--Include your photo on your homepage so people can see who
they are doing business with.
--Including logos of organizations you belong to, so people
know you are an expert." Joan Stewart,

My reply,

I agree completely. Establishing that trust is most important. Taking steps like that can help to establish and build that trust. One step alone (like joining the BBB---Better Business Bureau) would not be sufficient but the combination of things that Joan discusses would go a long way to building that trust.

Thank you, Joan. Great ideas!

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